How to Become a Difficult Opponent with a Loose-Aggressive Poker Strategy?

Aggressive Poker Strategy

Poker is a game of strategy. To become an ace player, you must undergo trials and errors. One of the most formidable opponents in real money poker is a player who plays with a loose-aggressive poker strategy. Every player hates it when a loose-aggressive poker player keeps taking advantage and raising the bets. 

Let’s unfold more about loose-aggressive poker, also known as LAG.

What Is Loose Aggressive Poker?

Loose aggressive poker is a way of play in which participants open and plays more poker hands compared to normal, and they do it aggressively and threateningly.

It is possible to dismantle the term “loose aggressive” to simplify its characteristics more precisely.

Loose means lag-style players open more hands before the flop than their opponents.

Aggressive refers to the use of betting options of a player, such as bets and raises, that are considered aggressive by the community.

The level of bluffing in loose aggressive poker strategy is pretty high, but good loose aggressive players tend to be very picky and not bluff as much as they should.

Types of Loose Aggressive Players

  • Types Aggressive: using a tight aggressive poker strategy implies playing a little fraction of beginning hands but aggressively playing them by raising and betting.
  • Loose Passive: paying a loose passive poker strategy implies playing a lot of hands compared to your opponents and not playing them aggressively, for example, check-raise and call.
  • Tight Passive: playing a tight passive poker strategy implies that you may play fewer hands than your opponents and play them humbly, almost every time checking or calling.

How to Play Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy?

This style of poker needs an aggressive, fearless, and loose playing style – however, each move you make should carefully consider the texture of your opponent and the board’s texture. The method of maniac is to play each hand and bet every flop, not loose aggressive’s. Knowing when to give up and discover the fold is a nice LAG.

Players from the loose aggressive poker group are always on the alert. Unlike the maniac, they do not just sit idle waiting for the perfect poker hand to come along. They make money when they pressure their opponents into making misplays. 

Loose aggressive players thrive on testing their opponents in even the most difficult situations. In the mindset of a loose aggressive player, cards are just a part of the game and not the most crucial part. The human element of the game is more crucial compared to technical aspects of the game.


Don’t abuse any of the real money poker tips mentioned above. They can make you easier to read, and someone can do bluff raise. Once users of a loose aggressive poker strategy find out what you are trying to do, they can easily target you and make your remaining time at the table uneasy. Put what you learned today into practice and play online poker on Pocket52.

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